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Lakshmipur Postcodes: Postal Codes (ZIP) of Lakshmipur/Laxmipur District Bangladesh

Lakshmipur District Postcodes
Lakshmipur District Postcodes

Lakshmipur or Laxmipur District is a district of Bangladesh. The Upazilas under Lakshmipur district are Lakshmipur Sadar Upazila, Ramganj Upazila, Raipur Upazila, Ramgati Upazila and Kamalnagar Upazila. There are 24 Post Office including Sub Offices in Lakshmipur District. Please see the following Lakshmipur Postcodes info which contains postal codes (ZIP) of all sub-post office in Lakshmipur district, Bangladesh.

Postal Codes (ZIP) of Lakshmipur District

Thana/UpazilaSub OfficePostcode
Char AlexganderChar Alexgander Postal Code3730
Hajirghat Postal Code3731
Ramgatirhat Postal Code3732
Lakshimpur SadarAmani Lakshimpur Postal Code3709
Bhabaniganj Postal Code3702
Chandraganj Postal Code3708
Choupalli Postal Code3707
Dalal Bazar Postal Code3701
Duttapara Postal Code3706
Keramatganj Postal Code3704
Lakshimpur Sadar Postal Code3700
Mandari Postal Code3703
Rupchara Postal Code3705
RamganjAlipur Postal Code3721
Dolta Postal Code3725
Kanchanpur Postal Code3723
Naagmud Postal Code3724
Panpara Postal Code3722
Ramganj Postal Code3720
RaypurBhuabari Postal Code3714
Haydarganj Postal Code3713
Nagerdighirpar Postal Code3712
Rakhallia Postal Code3711
Raypur Postal Code3710

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