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Narayanganj Postcodes: Postal Codes (ZIP) of Narayanganj District Bangladesh

Narayanganj District Postcodes
Narayanganj District Postcodes

Narayanganj District is a district in central Bangladesh, part of the Dhaka Division. The ancient city of Sonargaon is located in Naryanganj. Narayanganj District consists of 5 Upazilas namely Narayanganj Sadar Upazila, Bandor Upazila, Rupganj Upazila, Sonargaon Upazila and Araihazar Upazila. There are 21 Post Office including Sub Offices in Narayanganj District. Please see the following Narayanganj Postcodes info which contains postal codes (ZIP) of all sub-post office in Narayanganj district, Bangladesh.

Postal Codes (ZIP) of Narayanganj District

Thana/UpazilaSub OfficePostcode
AraihazarAraihazar Postal Code1450
Gopaldi Postal Code1451
Baidder BazarBaidder Bazar Postal Code1440
Bara Nagar Postal Code1441
Barodi Postal Code1442
BandarBandar Postal Code1410
BIDS Postal Code1413
D.C Mills Postal Code1411
Madanganj Postal Code1414
Nabiganj Postal Code1412
FatullahFatulla Bazar Postal Code1421
Fatullah Postal Code1420
Narayanganj SadarNarayanganj Sadar Postal Code1400
RupganjBhulta Postal Code1462
Kanchan Postal Code1461
Murapara Postal Code1464
Nagri Postal Code1463
Rupganj Postal Code1460
SiddirganjAdamjeenagar Postal Code1431
LN Mills Postal Code1432
Siddirganj Postal Code1430

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