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Patuakhali Postcodes: Postal Codes (ZIP) of Patuakhali District Bangladesh

Patuakhali District Postcodes
Patuakhali District Postcodes

Patuakhali is a district located in South-central Bangladesh in the Barisal Division. Kuakata is the main entrance for the beach which is famous for watching both the sunrise and sunset. Kuakata it is known as The Daughter of Sea. There are 8 Upazilas in this district. They are Bauphal Upazila, Galachipa Upazila, Dashmina Upazila, Kalapara Upazila, Mirzaganj Upazila, Patuakhali Sadar Upazila, Dumki Upazila and Rangabali Upazila. There are 15 Post Office including Sub Offices in Patuakhali District. Please see the following Patuakhali Postcodes info which contains postal codes (ZIP) of all sub-post office in Patuakhali district, Bangladesh.

Postal Codes (ZIP) of Patuakhali District

Thana/UpazilaSub OfficePostcode
BauphalBagabandar Postal Code8621
Bauphal Postal Code8620
Birpasha Postal Code8622
Kalaia Postal Code8624
Kalishari Postal Code8623
DashminaDashmina Postal Code8630
GalachipaGalachipa Postal Code8640
Gazipur Bandar Postal Code8641
KhepuparaKhepupara Postal Code8650
Mahipur Postal Code8651
Patuakhali SadarDumkee Postal Code8602
Moukaran Postal Code8601
Patuakhali Sadar Postal Code8600
Rahimabad Postal Code8603
SubidkhaliSubidkhali Postal Code8610

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