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Natore Postcodes: Postal Codes (ZIP) of Natore District Bangladesh

Natore District Postcodes
Natore District Postcodes

Natore is a district of Rajshahi Division located in northern Bangladesh. There are seven Upazilas in the district. Those are Gurudaspur Upazila, Natore Sadar Upazila, Baraigram Upazila, Bagatipara Upazila, Lalpur Upazila, Singra Upazila and Naldanga Upazila. There are 13 Post Office including Sub Offices in Natore District. Please see the following Natore Postcodes info which contains postal codes (ZIP) of all sub-post office in Natore district, Bangladesh.

Postal Codes (ZIP) of Natore District

Thana/UpazilaSub OfficePostcode
Gopalpur UPOAbdulpur Postal Code6422
Gopalpur U.P.O Postal Code6420
Lalpur S.O Postal Code6421
HaruaBaraigram Postal Code6432
Dayarampur Postal Code6431
Harua Postal Code6430
HatgurudaspurHatgurudaspur Postal Code6440
LaxmanLaxman Postal Code Postal Code6410
Natore SadarBaiddyabal Gharia Postal Code6402
Digapatia Postal Code6401
Madhnagar Postal Code6403
Natore Sadar Postal Code6400
SingraSingra Postal Code6450

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