Habiganj Postcodes: Postal Codes (ZIP) of Habiganj District Bangladesh

Habiganj District Postcodes
Habiganj District Postcodes

Habiganj is a district of the Sylhet Division in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh. Habiganj District comprises nine Upazilas; Ajmiriganj Upazila, Baniachang Upazila, Bahubal Upazila, Chunarughat Upazila, Habiganj Sadar Upazila, Lakhai Upazila, Madhabpur Upazila, Nabiganj Upazila and Sayestaganj Upazila. There are 22 Post Office including Sub Offices in Habiganj District. Please see the following Habiganj Postcodes info which contains postal codes (ZIP) of all sub-post office in Habiganj district, Bangladesh.

Postal Codes (ZIP) of Habiganj District

Thana/UpazilaSub OfficePostcode
AzmireeganjAzmireeganj Postal Code3360
BahubalBahubal Postal Code3310
BaniachangBaniachang Postal Code3350
Jatrapasha Postal Code3351
Kadirganj Postal Code3352
ChunarughatChandpurbagan Postal Code3321
Chunarughat Postal Code3320
Narapati Postal Code3322
Habiganj SadarGopaya Postal Code3302
Habiganj Sadar Postal Code3300
Shaestaganj Postal Code3301
KalaukKalauk Postal Code3340
Lakhai Postal Code3341
MadhabpurItakhola Postal Code3331
Madhabpur Postal Code3330
Saihamnagar Postal Code3333
Shahajibazar Postal Code3332
NabiganjDigalbak Postal Code3373
Golduba Postal Code3372
Goplarbazar Postal Code3371
Inathganj Postal Code3374
Nabiganj Postal Code3370

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